The Swiss Master’s Chocolate Easter

choco1 Scientific studies have found chocolate to be irresistible to females sending them into emotional ecstasy! And…luscious “fresh cream Swiss truffles” are the most prized of all chocolates.

The Swiss Master has the most adorable collection of Easter themed chocolates and gifts for every sweet tooth in Toronto, but hurry! The eggs are hatching and will soon be gone!choco3

The latest report is that what is still available are beautiful chocolate bunnies. According to the Swiss Master, the trend this year is solid dark chocolate.

Also, fresh cream truffle eggs with flowers and bows are almost too pretty to eat, but be forewarned: once we open the wrappers choco4we tend to devour them without sharing. Truffles come in decorative packages of 3, 4, 5, all the way up to 19.

Check out Swiss Master before all the Easter eggs are gone–or even afterwards because her luscious truffles are unique in Toronto, and are wonderful.

Swiss Master Chocolatier
2538 Bayview Avenue (north of The Bridle Path/Post Road)
Toronto, ON

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