The Last Ingredient Is You…

recipieces_1.1 Find a need and fill it. – That’s the mantra of new and successful businesses today.

RECIPIECES  understood my needs and those of thousands of others, and figured out a way to make us incredibly happy.
PROBLEM:   I want to invite a friend for dinner, but I just don’t have time to spend in grocery stores hunting up the right ingredients to prepare the kind of  gourmet dinner pour deux that is expected of me. And so I stopped doing something I enjoy. Until Now.
SOLUTION:  Click on, choose from an array of main courses, choose the side dishes, and order.
THE VERY NEXT DAY or whenever you wish, a pictorial recipe card and every Recipieces-TunawMiso single ingredient you will require, measured out in neat little containers, will be delivered to your door.  Ingredients from the exotic like coriander and ginger to the mundane like salt, pepper and vegetable oil.
AMAZE YOUR FRIENDS.  If you can read, you can prepare beautiful dishes beyond your wildest dreams.  Dishes like Soy-Glazed Lamb Loin Chops; Pan Seared Ahi Tuna with White Miso and Mustard Sauce; Pan Seared Sea Scallops with Champagne Citrus Beurre Blanc to name just a few.

And so I ordered, and was absolutely delighted to unpack my box of goodies. I must lambconfess, I have a very low tolerance for measuring ingredients, so I really appreciate the fact that everything has been meticulously done for me. Comment from my guest: “these lamb chops are better than Pusateri’s, where did you buy them? I tell him about Recipieces, who I now consider to be my new best friend, and his response is, “I can do that.”  Hmm, I wonder if he will be inviting me to his dinner for two. Prices are for two generous servings, include a side dish, and range from $32.50 to $59.00. Definitely good value for money.

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