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tromba1 The past few years we’ve seen a wave of Mexican restaurants spread across Toronto. This has become the go-to cuisine for hearty flavourful bites. But what’s Mexican food without good tequila to pair with it?

For too long we have endured the harsh liquor from bad college memories, the volatile kind that comes with a lick of salt and a suck of lime. Rest assured that has all changed. Somebody graduated from college and found a better way. Toronto native son, Eric Brass, lover of Mexican spirits, has brought the real fiesta home! Now we can finally enjoy authentic premium quality, smooth tequila to be savoured, not shot—one we want to remember, not forget: Tequila Tromba.

tromba5 Tromba means “big rain” in its local dialect, and comes from the big rains that nourish these hand-selected highland agave plants. In Spanish it means “whirlwind”, an appropriate name, because that’s what it takes to get us to rethink how we view tequila. More and more mixologists at bars across Toronto are stocking this tequila, not just because it’s good to support a local boy, but because it really is a good tequila, and has been racking up awards on international stages from the San Francisco Wine and Spirits Competition to the Mediterranean Wine and Spirits Competition.

tromba4 The 2013 Toronto Terroir Symposium, which brought together the leaders in food and hospitality, featured Tequila Tromba. I was intrigued. Not being an aficionado, I was truly surprised and impressed at just how easily drinkable a tequila could be. Its smooth, sweet, fresh flavour and aroma are the result of a careful, boutique, small batch production in Los Altos, Mexico by renowned master distiller Marco Cedano.

Whether drinking it straight or in a cocktail, the idea is that tequila should be a clean tromba2 refreshment. That is a new way of thinking about tequila. “The salt and lime thing is bullshit, as it masks the true flavour of tequila,” asserts Brass. When you have high quality, clean liquor, why would you ever need to sprinkle salt on your hand and suck on a lime to make it palatable?

Brass’ goal in founding Tequila Tromba is to provide a premium tequila at an affordable price, and teach people that there is so much more to tequila than just shooting it. It should be made from 100% pure blue agave, refined and well balanced to be sipped or enjoyed in a delicious cocktail. Tequila Tromba is sold at the LCBO. Check it out. Below are three recipes we tried for doing just that. Salud!

tromba1 Tromba Paloma
45 mL Tequila Tromba blanco
Squeeze of lime
Pinch of kosher salt
Grapefruit soda
Method: Build over ice.
Garnish with sliced grapefruit

tromba2 Tromba Diablo
45 mL Tromba Tequila
3 mL lime juice
Dash of crème de cassis
Topped with ginger beer
Method: Combine all ingredients over ice in a tall glass. Garnish with pressed lime.

tromba3 Tommy’s Margarita
60 mL Tromba Blanco
30 mL fresh squeezed lime juice
30 mL agave syrup
Method: Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Strain into a glass with ice and serve.

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