A Perfect Fit

clip0000(1) This past June was Italian Heritage Month in Canada. Marking the celebration, STLTO Wines introduced two new bottles from their collection to the LCBO: STLTO Red and STLTO White.

So what does STLTO stand for? Sophisticated, Timeless, Lavish, Trendy, Outstanding.

Launched by Italian-Canadian Sarah Liberatore in 2011, grapes are harvested from 40-year old vines in Abruzzo, Italy by an all-female production team. The Red STLTO, a 2012 Malbec, is an easy drinking wine with dominant notes of black cherries. We paired this juicy plumy clip0000 wine at a picnic with aged white cheddar and crackers; popcorn sprinkled with herbs de Provence; and dry rubbed bbq chicken with a peppery kick. Refreshing and versatile, it’s not an overpowering wine, but one that is light, accessible and fruit forward.

Another day another summer barbecue on the patio. The White STLTO, a 2011 un-oaked Chardonnay, is bright and aromatic. Herbaceous and citric, we paired it with grilled shrimp on a skewer slicked with lemon herb butter; and a salad of roasted root veggies with chunks of crisp chicken. On its own, it’s a perfect summer wine, and as with the red, it is equally versatile and easily paired.

PRICE: $12.15 per bottle, LCBO #232272 and #232322.

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