Stratford: Unique Experiences

localfarmer Stratford Farmer’s Market is more than a place to source the best quality produce; its a social event. Every Saturday morning, this is where actors, artisans, locals and visitors alike mingle with farmers and purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers and plants, meats, jams, and all our culinary needs for the week. Its much less expensive than the supermarket–and everything is local. Buy directly from farmers and bring home what was harvested only hours before. * Also, check out the Slow Food Market with live music every Sunday in the central Market Square beside City Hall.

portrait Portraits in the Park: Pick a scenic spot, enjoy a relaxed picnic or walk through the gardens, and be photographed in professionally captured images of your visit to Stratford. The shoot–limited to 1 – 5 people–lasts for up to one hour, and then you’re left alone to enjoy your time privately. Bring Stratford home with you.


plane Stratford Airport offers 30-minute introductory flights for a one-on-one hands-on experience to learn the basic instruments and enable you to fly a plane. Do you have a feel for this? Continue toward a pilot license. Sightseeing flights are also available for couples or for up to three people. Do you want to go over the city? The farms? The lake? Do something different and create your own route. See Stratford from the sky!


boat Avon Boat Rentals offers a different view of Stratford. From the riverside patio enjoy a narrated boat tour; or rent kayaks, a paddle boat or canoe, and drift, lunch, read and laze away an hour or two. Stop at the island for some shade beneath the weeping willows, explore tributaries and the Shakespearean gardens, paddle the length of the river, or simply paddle to the theatre. (Grains are also available for feeding the swans.)


ABOUTPAGE Stratford Antique Warehouse and
Shakespeare Antiques: Stratford, along with neighbouring Shakespeare, is a mecca of antiques. Vast selections of nostalgia items, wooden furniture, art deco, clocks, glass and chinaware abound as hours can be spent wandering through another time, browsing the eclectic variety of antique shops and items that make a visit to Stratford like a walk-in treasure chest.

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