Japan Travel: Facts & Figures


    • Daily direct flights from Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver (save 15% on flights until August 15)
    • Favorable exchange rates (market watch)
    • No tourist visa required
    • No vaccinations required
    • The Japan Rail Pass provides convenient, easy travel
    • The most popular times to visit are spring and fall, but Japan is naturally beautiful throughout the year and easily traveled at anytime.


  • The latitude of Tokyo is approximate to Los Angeles. Japan stretches SW to NE roughly equivalent to Florida – New York.
  • There is rarely tipping in Japan.
  • Japanese consists of four different written systems: romaji, katakana, hiragana, and kanji (Chinese characters).
  • Japan was typically a cash-based society, but credit cards are becoming much more prevalent than before.


  • There are 6,800 islands across japan 70% of which are mountainous.
  • Japan’s monarchy is the longest reigning in the world.
  • Shinjuku Station in Tokyo is the busiest station in the world with 740, 000 people passing through each day.
  • There are more vending machines per capita in Japan than anywhere else in the world (6000000 in Tokyo alone)

For more information go to: ilovejapan.ca

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