Caffe Bacio Pizza Contest

The Caffe Bacio Pizza Contest has concluded! Congratulations to…

Contest includes:
• Pizza making class for two with Gianni Salvati at Caffe Bacio.
• Learn about, and make, dough (the most important part!)
• Make the pizza, and then eat the pizza!
These days Toronto coffee shops are a dime a dozen, but to actually sit down and enjoy a true Italian cafe the way it’s meant to be experienced–that’s not easy to find. A quiet buzz surrounds Yorkville’s totally unpretentious Caffe Bacio. Seated at a leather banquet beneath black and white photos of famous kisses, we sip cappuccino, strike up a conversation with the patrons next to us, and observe actors like Michael Keaton prepping for their auditions. Bacio owner, Gianni Salvati mingles with his cherubic smile, and shares with us that everyone knows Caffe Bacio for his coffee and his panninis, but he also has a degree in pizza! So he suggests we look at his pizza menu, try a glass of wine, and relax.

“How do you make this crust so perfect?!” I ask Gianni…It’s all in the dough. Our Margarita of olive oil, garlic, fresh basil, tomatoes, mozzarella has the most crisp matzah-thin-crust I’ve ever tasted. The Veneziana is pizze bianche of potatoes, mozzarella, fontina, carmelized onions, rosemary and mushrooms. Paired with a generous glass of Sella & Mosca Riserva Grenache from Sardinia, we’re singing of amore.

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