I’m Dreamin’ of a Dim Sum Christmas…

Lai Wah Heen, at Toronto’s Metropolitan Hotel, is showcasing “the best of the best” dim sum and authentic Chinese dishes with a collection of signature items from Master Dim Sum Chef, Terrence Chan and Head Chef, Ronnie Lam. Available from December 22, 2012 to January 1, 2013, patrons can enjoy a celebration-worthy selection of Toronto’s finest dim sum with both an a la carte menu, prix fixe lunches and traditional dinner menus. Each dim sum is a holiday package waiting to be unveiled.

Check out these Dim Sum Menus below:

Chef Chan’s Innovative Dim Sum a la carte menu showcases the best from his long and varied repertoire of dumplings. Items range in price from $3.50 to $8.00 and include the following highlights:
• Steamed Australian Wagyu beef dumpling topped with thinly sliced Wagyu beef in chili oil
• Wonton of lamb loin with cumin seeds and garlic
• Steamed lobster dumpling with shrimp and finely diced vegetables
• Jumbo Siu Mai wrapped with glutinous rice, topped with foie gras
• Fried crispy taro dumpling with finely seasoned minced emu

In addition to the a la carte menu are two eight-course dim sum prix fixe lunches that feature Lai Wah Heen’s most noteworthy lunch dishes and dumplings. Minimum two guests.

Classic Dim Sum Prix Fixe – $36 per person
First to tempt the palate in this eight-course menu is a hot and sour soup with baby shrimp, shredded chicken, mushroom and egg drops. A lineup of premium dim sum follows, including crystal shrimp dumplings, pork Siu Mai and pan-seared Peking dumpling with lobster. Also to be enjoyed is a crispy-fried pitaya, mango and shrimp roll; baked cured ham and shrimp puff pastry; rice with foie gras and shredded duckling; and finished with a traditional Chinese dessert.

Chef Chan’s Dim Sum Prix Fixe – $48 per person

This eight-course prix fixe starts with a fresh Dungeness crab and seafood bisque, followed by a selection of four of Chef Chan’s signature dumplings that include a steamed lobster dumpling, jumbo Siu Mai with foie gras, Australian Wagyu beef dumpling and crispy dumpling of shrimp and sunflower seeds, as well as crispy-fried breaded chicken and mushrooms with truffle; thin noodles with truffle and lobster, and rounded out with a traditional Chinese dessert.

Winter Festival Prix Fixe – $88 per person
Guests can celebrate the holidays with a contemporary prix fixe menu. This menu of some of Lai Wah Heen’s signature fusion dishes includes the following seven courses:
• Choice of pan-seared foie gras and eggplant, dressed with strawberry sauce or jumbo prawn and seasonal fruits salad topped with mango dressing
• Pan-seared cakes of scallop mousse with truffle sauce
• Wok-baked butterfly cut lobster topped with cheese
• Mini casserole of seared chicken with exotic mushrooms
• Stir-fried shredded Berkshire pork, zucchini and cucumber in honey pepper sauce
• Deluxe seafood fried rice with diced fresh pineapple
• Hemispheres’ dual-flavour crème brulee and berries
Traditional Chinese Winter Festival prix fixe menus are available for groups of four, six and ten. These menus feature dishes that authentically celebrate this important time of year and coming together of families.

* Chef Lam’s Winter Festival menus are available December 21, 22, 24 and 25, 2012. Reservations are required. *

New Year’s Eve Prix Fixe – $128 per person or $188.00 per person with wine pairing
Lai Wah Heen’s New Year’s Eve prix fixe menu is guaranteed to make the last dinner of 2012 a memorable one. Chef Lam presents nine exceptional courses of the finest Chinese cuisine with a menu of the loved dishes that have put Lai Wah Heen on the international map. Guests will enjoy a mix of traditional and western-influenced courses that include:
• Lai Wah Heen’s house-made Peking duck
• Pin-wheel of roasted marinated pork belly accompanied by pickled carrots
• Pan-seared foie gras and eggplant with strawberry sauce
• Fresh Dungeness crab and fish maw bisque
• Pan-seared cakes of scallop mousse with truffle sauce
• Wok-baked butterfly cut lobster topped with cheese
• Stir-fried shredded Berkshire pork, zucchini and cucumber in honey pepper sauce
• Abalone and chicken fried noodles
• Hemispheres’ dual-flavour crème brulee and berries

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