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As far as food is concerned, 2012 has definitely become known as the year of bacon! Typically making an appearance on breakfast plates across Canada and as a topping on a salad or burger, bacon is now adorning the top of cupcakes, being infused into chocolate and has been honored with several restaurants being named after it.

It comes as no surprise that when Google announced the Google Zeitgeist results for search today which reveals what Canadian’s were searching for online in 2012, the most searched Canadian food was bacon! It was followed by Canadian classics poutine and maple syrup and KD even broke into the top ten!

Canada Overall Most Searched Canadian Food:
1. Bacon
2. Poutine
3. Maple Syrup
4. Yorkshire Pudding
5. Bannock
6. Smoked Meat
7. Kraft Dinner
8. Butter Tarts
9. Sucre a la creme
10. Sugar pie

Want to wash it down with a cold brew? Below are the top ten searched beers and craft beers of 2012!

Canada Overall Most Searched Beer:
1. Molson
2. Guinness
3. Budweiser
4. Coors
5. Labatt
6. Moosehead
7. Sleeman
8. Kokanee
9. Keith’s
10. Rickard’s

Canada Overall Most Searched Craft Beer:
1. Granville Island
2. Amsterdam
3. Big Rock
4. Muskoka
5. Creemore
6. Wellington
7. Okanagan Spring
8. James Ready
9. Mill St.
10. Dead Frog

Provided by Denise Gagnon • APEX

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