Tandoori Four All Seasons

Tandoori Chicken Salad Toronto had been brimming with anticipation for the most talked about make-over in the city: the opening of the new Toronto Four Seasons Hotel. A proud Canadian company whose flagship location is a Toronto institution.

This new location on the east side of Yorkville has created a polar shift in the neighbourhood and, for me, has special resonance. Situated on the site of the former CBC studios, this is the location where as a kid, everyday after school, I would park my bike by the stage door, take my seat in the studio, and watch my Dad rehearse and perform King of Kensington.

Entering dbar at the Four Seasons, I surveyed the space where so many great Canadian actors who graced that stage stood. Fiona Reed, Helen Winston, special guests like John Candy and Eugene Levy, and of course, the King, Al Waxman. After each show, I watched him, reverently, as he would sign autographs until we could sneak out to share a corn beef and pastrami sandwich at Meyer’s Delicatessen.

Years later, our favourite Yorkville lunch spot became the Studio Cafe at the “old” Four Seasons location. One day while filming the series Twice in a Lifetime, my Dad had one hour for lunch, and arrived in full make-up. My Mom, Sara Waxman, had ordered his favourite dish on the menu: Lynn Crawford‘s  “Tandoori Chicken Salad” (click recipe above to enlarge). For us, meal time was family time, and the impeccable service at the Four Seasons always made us feel right at home.

Dining out at the new Four Seasons Cafe Boulud and dbar with my Mom, we’re discovering all new dishes (click here for Sara Waxman’s review of Cafe Boulud).


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