DINE magazine, Sound Bite: Coca Sour

As pisco gains popularity around the world, at its source, in Peru, variations of the Peruvian national drink, “Pisco Sour”, abound. Bartenders across Peru are experimenting with a proliferation of Peruvian ingredients, including the all-important Peruvian cash-crop: coca. Often chewed, or steeped in tea, the raw Andean coca leaf is rich in nutritional properties; aids digestion and longevity; and is highly beneficial to health, mood, and energy. Here at the Capitán Meléndez Café-Bar in Lima, watch and learn how to make a coca-infused Pisco Sour using Pisco Quebranta from Campo de Encanto.

For more information about the extraordinary world of Peruvian gastronomy, go to: “Peru: A Gourmet Guide”.

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