Wishing for an Italian Holiday

Wishing for an Italian holiday? Here’s a visit to Florence without a passport.

Florentia Ristorante presents Firenzi a Tavola (Florence At The Table) the first of a series of intimate dinner series featuring the traditional dishes of different Italian cities. Hosted by renowned Italian artist Marco Sassone, who was knighted into the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, Florentia has been awarded the Italian Hospitality Seal by the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

So, what’s on the Tavola? A platter of authentic antipasti followed by Ribollita – a classic hearty Tuscan vegetable soup. Grilled veal chop with traditional cannellini beans and asparagus with shaved Parmigiano. So far, we are happy and humming Italian songs along with the music. The wine pairings are classic Italian, of course. There’s more. Usually fruit ends dinner, and here it is fresh peaches in white wine. And more! Warm flourless chocolate cake with an espresso.

That’s Amore!


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