Basque in Calgary

By: Natasha Gleiser

Calgary has a growing reputation as a food destination, and Ox and Angela on 17th Avenue is a great landing place. Although the menu reads Spanish food and drink, there is a heavy Caribbean influence, especially in the drinks. We start the evening off right with sangria made with sorrel and cloves. It’s not on the menu, but the friendly bartenders happily shake a glass for us.

Owners Jayme MacFayden and Kelly Black let their food experience from Turks and Caicos influence their dishes. Originally opened as a companion restaurant to their wildly popular Una Pizza + Wine, Ox and Angela now attract us for the Basque tapas it has to offer. We bring our friends. Should we choose the bright and airy female (Angela) side of the restaurant or the rich-wooded, dark (Ox) male side? Tonight, its Angela.

There is a wide variety of tapas, including classic Basque Pintxos. An exciting selection changes daily: citrus and chili olives leave us breathless; and sauteed wild mushrooms with soft poached egg and truffle on grilled bread is indulgent perfection.

Classic Basque olive braised chicken fulfills its promise, and paella mixta bursts with the flavours of chorizo, clams, chicken, prawn and saffron rice.

Distinct and savoury, Ox and Angela is a welcome edition to the Calgary dining scene. We’ll want to return for a few more tapas and a few more glasses of sangria!

Ox and Angela
528 17 Avenue Southwest
Calgary, AB T2S 0A9, Canada
(403) 457-1432

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