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Since recorded history, olive oil has been mentioned with reverence. The wind, sun, sea, earth and sky, the terroir in each olive grove region, gives unique elements to the flavors, texture and colors of this pure liquid. Newly imported are some exciting olive oils from Sicily, a true expression of the fruit of the land.

Too precious to use as a frying oil, a splash of Mandranova Purple Label adds a lot of “wow” to whatever is on your plate. This dark green olive oil with strong tastes of olive, almond, marjoram, green tomatoes and artichokes is excellent with all vegetables, salads, soups, red meats and all pasta dishes. An added perk, there are high levels of polyphenols in this blend. Think of it as a healthy and aromatic condiment.

Another spectacular olive oil, Titoni – Valli Trapanese DOP is organic with the strong fruity flavor that I love. And I’m not the only one. It was honored as the Gold Medal Winner at the 2011 Sial conference.

Pasta is a life-partner of olive oil. And when the world’s most renowned chef, Heston Blumenthal of London’s The Fat Duck restaurant chooses what he considers the finest pasta in Italy, we take notice. During an international pasta sampling, he said, “the next two we sampled were from smaller producers La Pasta di Aldo and Rustichella di Abruzzo. They looked right, and more importantly, they “felt” right.”Fusilli, Gnocchi Sardi, orecchiette and a vast selection of pasta under the label of Pastificio dei Campi may cost a little more than standard commercial brands, but once you taste them, you will have a hard time going back. Even opening the smart, Italian design packaging is part of the thrill.

These wonderful products are available at Pusateri’s and McEwan’s and are distributed by Lugano Fine Foods at 7b Pleasant Blvd, Toronto, Ontario
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