My Thai

Slightly bowed, palms pressed together as in prayer, we exchange greetings with gratitude and infectious smiles. This is Thailand.

A banquet of activities flows from one to the next, as we begin our day at the market…on the train tracks. There seems to be markets in every nook of Bangkok, and this one rolls in and out like tides based on the train schedule. One minute we are negotiating a mango, the next a square inch to stand as vendors hurriedly slide their goods away from the train barreling forward. Here we find mounds of coriander, galangal, peppers, and kaffir lime.

A further stroll from one market to the next takes us to a flower market that is the envy of the world. There are two seasons in Thailand—wet and dry—that enable this floral oasis, and around every turn is a proliferation of such sweet aromas and colours that, were it possible, I would wrap them up for home.

From land to river, our next market stop is the famed floating market in which long tail boats brimming with fresh mango, durian, warm coconut-fried bananas, and every knick knack imaginable, are paddled by.

Time to eat—lets get cookin! At the Blue Elephant we pound spices, cut herbs, blend curries, and stir-fry meats to create a richly textured, mouth-watering bowl of flavours and delights. The appeal of Thai cuisine is multi-sensory, and our taste buds instantly dance and ignite.

No tour of Bangkok would be complete without a visit to a temple, and if the bedazzled Wats don’t inspire us, the vertigo certainly will. Opulent detail leaves us marveling at Thai craftsmanship, but more breathtaking is our climb up each step. Not for the faint of heart, the descent quickly turns me from Fonzie to Potsie.

In Bangkok the time to eat is always “now”.
We head to the Siam Kempinski Hotel where the gastronomic wow factor is unparalleled. Each dish is as mesmerizing as it is tantalizing. One dish is presented as a potted plant, while another engulfs our table in fog, but even what is poured simply and cleanly before our eyes is revealed to our taste buds as pure magic.

We top off the evening on top of the city. One of the highest open-air rooftop patios in the world, the Lebua State Tower Sky Bar, offers us a range of cocktails from citric to spicy. While we sip and savour—mindful of the Titanic drop beyond the glass rail—we lean out and can barely restrain ourselves from shouting “I’m king of the world”.


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