Toronto Taste ’11

In the spring of 1985, my friend Ina Andre approached me with a blockbuster of an idea: Second Harvest. She said that I must be involved, and as a restaurant critic at the time, I agreed to be all the help that I could.

Ina and Jean Clayton drove around to restaurants and picked up food, delivered it to the hungry, and the rest is history. Today, there is a fleet of Second Harvest trucks that pick up food that would otherwise go to waste.

For 26 years I have attended the powerful event, Toronto Taste, sometimes in pouring rain, sometimes in oppressive heat. But who cares. Toronto Taste is an enormous outpouring of community spirit from the hospitality industry, and the results make a difference. This year’s Toronto Taste was held at the ROM, both outside and in, on June 12th.

The Daniels Corporation, the presenting sponsor, has taken Second Harvest’s Toronto Taste to extraordinary heights. And hundreds of the chefs and restaurateurs in the city cooperate to give us a big bang for the buck. Too numerous to mention, I will just let these photos speak for themselves.

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