The Aphrodisiac Truffle, Fact or Fiction?

This just in from Alessandro Scotto at Coppi Ristorante :

An old Italian proverb warns, “those who wish to lead a virtuous life should abstain from truffles.” And Brillat-Savarin’s pronouncement that “the truffle is not a positive aphrodisiac, but it can upon occasion make women more tender and men more apt to love” has often been quoted. Truffles are described as seductive, musky, and evocative of sex. Actually, truffles do contain testosterace: a chemical component closely related to the male hormone testosterone. It’s similar to a chemical in the saliva of male pigs and truffles are indeed an aphrodisiac for female pigs – the reason, undoubtedly, that the sows traditionally used by truffle hunters were so good at unearthing them. However, scientifically speaking at least, testosterace doesn’t affect human beings in the same way. Nevertheless, that has never stopped people from imagining they do.
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