Pairing Icewine

My love for Icewine has prevented me from exploring how to enjoy it in any other way than on its own. However, Inniskillin has recently put together simple and impressive recipes, pairings and tips to enjoy “one of the world’s great wines” in a new and unique variety of ways.

The 2007 Vidal Icewine VQA (Gold-International Wine and Spirit Competition Wine Awards, London; Gold-Intervin and Best Dessert Wine), and the 2007 Riesling VQA (Gold-San Francisco International Wine Competition; Gold -All Canadian Wine Championships) are perfect for dessert or for special occasions, but to inspire Icewine lovers to look beyond traditional usage, David Penny, Estate Chef of the Great Estates of Niagara, has created recipes and suggestions that allow Icewine to compliment or contrast pairings.

TIP: Sparkling Vidal Icewine is an impressive aperitif or greeting drink – pour a 2oz serving and drop in a blueberry or a frozen grape.

Icewine and cheese is an incredible pairing experience at the beginning or end of the meal. Combine the strength, flavour and rich texture of Icewine with cheeses such as: blue veined, triple cream, goat cheese, washed rind cheeses, aged cheeses, salty parmesan.
TIP: For an easy and impressive combination soak your favourite dried fruit in Vidal Icewine (from 30 minutes to a full day) and serve with nuts as a fantastic cheese topping. Suggested dried fruits: dried peaches, apricots, apples, golden raisins. Chef David Penny recommends: Blue Benedictine, Douanier – Quebec or Niagara Gold, Comfort Crème – Ontario.

TIP: Icewines bold flavour is wonderful with a wide range of appetizers such as foie gras and savoury hor s’ouevres. Chef David recommends: Vidal Mignonette for Fresh Shucked Oysters – click on recipe

TIP: Experiment with your favourite vinaigrette by replacing some of the vinegar with Icewine (approximately half) – the natural sweetness tones down any sharp acidity in greens or other ingredients. Chef David recommends: Icewine Vinaigrette on Bitter Greens – click on recipe

TIP: Icewine offers unique flavours to glazes, sauces and marinades.
TIP: Riesling and Vidal Icewine are an unforgettable pair with rich seafood, Sushi and Thai food.
TIP: Sparkling Icewine is the most versatile and can pair with almost anything due to freshness and dryness perception caused by the bubbles from beginning to end of a meal; it stands up to the heat in spicy foods. Chef David recommends: Icewine Seared Scallops with Vidal Beurre Blanc – click on recipe

TIP: For the perfect pairing your dessert should never be sweeter than the Icewine.
TIP: For easy pairings remember white Icewine is beautiful with fruit based desserts while red Icewine is exquisite with dark chocolate. Chef David recommends: Vidal Apple Fritters – click on recipe

For an excellent comprehensive guide to ice wine pairings, cheese pairings, and ideas and recipes, follow this link:

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