Recipes From Inniskillin

A truly Canadian vintage. Through the talent and collaboration of winemakers Bruce Nicholson (East) and Sandor Mayer (West), Inniskillin’s inaugural East West wines blend choice varietals from Niagara and Okanagan vineyards. The result of this challenging experiment is a unique expression of Canadian terroir with depth, complexity and character that reflect the richness of two of Canada’s most distinct and distinguished grape growing regions.

2009 Riesling-Gewurztraminer, $16.95; 58% Riesling from the East, and 42% Gewurztraminer from the West.

2008 Cabernet-Shiraz, $17.95; 41% Shiraz from the West, 30% Cabernet Franc from the East, and 29% Cabernet Sauvignon from the West.

2008 Merlot-Cabernet, $17.95; 39% Merlot from the East, 24% Merlot from the West, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon from the West, and 17% Cabernet Franc from the West.

The collaboration continues as Executive Chef David Penny creates two recipes to compliment each of the blends. Merlot-Cabernet and Cabernet-Shiraz are paired with a roasted beef tenderloin with morel cream, while the Riesling-Gerwurztraminer is paired with soy and maple mustard stained prawn. Click to enlarge the images; follow the recipes; and toast our Canadian winemakers.

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