Breakfast In Bed: The Bed

“We cannot influence the duration of your sleep. But we can influence the quality of your sleep.” – Hans-Christian Sanders

Fact is, after my first night of blissful sleep under this amazing down-filled duvet, I don’t even want to get out of bed!

Launched in Canada in early November, at 104 Avenue Road in Toronto, this innovative, German-based luxury duvet and bedding brand has captured and revitalized our slumber habits. H.C. Sanders has been in business since 1885.

On the forefront of sustainable design, they are changing the slumber of consumers across the globe with their new Climabalance® technology using raw, organic materials in the creation of their duvets, allowing the body to breathe during sleep. The unique sleeping system with patented climate zones takes away excess heat and moisture in a controlled manner enabling the individual to have a better, more peaceful sleep.

How can I luxuriate under my Climabalance Duvet for a little while longer before facing a chilly winters day? Breakfast in bed: something satisfying, with a European tone would be the way to go.

According to Hans Christian Sanders, “We, as a family company, are very well aware of our responsibility with regard to future generations. Therefore, we build our hopes on sustainable production, limit our use of chemical products and place a big emphasis on ecologically grown raw materials. We also make sparing use of water, energy and other resources and, whenever possible, recycle these back into the production process.”

The key results of the sleep study H.C. Sanders has done show these Climabalance advantages:

*reduction of time required to fall asleep.
*more peaceful sleep.
*reduction of waking phases
*improved overall length of sleep phases up by 50%
*extension of REM phases

What they have not added as a key result is that now, we can capitalize on all of these advantages, and have breakfast in bed.

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