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caviar2 A memorable, educational and culinary once-in-a-lifetime experience by Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar Inc!

Join us in July at Saint John River, New Brunswick, for the sustainable sturgeon fishing experience of a lifetime! This expedition is unique, and is available nowhere else on earth and sea.

3 Day Adventure…

Cheese Caves are the New Rage at Luxury Hotels
cheese4 I had my first encounter with a cheese plate in my early twenties while touring Provence, France with a girlfriend. We ended up staying at a rural 5-star Relais & Châteaux. For dinner, we were served a five-course meal, finished by a delicious cheese plate laden with cheeses from the region. I will never forget the owner of the hotel (who spoke very limited English) bleating like a goat to signify the cheeses on our plate were made from goat’s milk. READ MORE…
blu8 Put on your blue suede shoes and hitch a ride through the land that bred dry-rub barbeque, the King, and music that defined history.

When asked to pick one place where the Delta blues began, BB King pointed to Dockery Farms in Cleveland, Mississippi, where legends were born. READ MORE…
loiu1 Vaulted tombs, coloured beads, Sazeracs and trombones race through my mind as I wind through Louisiana toward the Big Easy. “We’re not as naughty as you might think,” a local once told me. “We’ve got almost as many churches as we have bars.” New Orleans is a Crayola box of sights, sounds and tastes bursting around every corner and at any moment. The highway, the river and the train tracks that fed the Delta blues and the Memphis soul began at the port of New Orleans. Here, African rhythms and European harmonies coalesced into an extraordinary cultural tapestry of instrumentation and gastronomy. READ MORE…
Dining room copyFirst you learn the rules very well. Then you bend them, shape them, manipulate them and never lose your balance, your sense of proportion. You create a style that is your own, that is recognizable in a crowded community. Put three of these like-minded folks together, and you have the magic that is Tom Bielecki‘s Toronto restaurant, Café Bar Pasta.

Free form red plexi glass stenciled by world-renowned New York artist, Jose Ortega, wisps along the walls in abstract interpretation of café, bar and pasta. READ MORE…
Rally4 I am craving smoky comfort food. Southern cooking and backyard barbeque seems to be all the rage these days, and when it’s good, there is nothing better. I would drive just about anywhere for it. Just like down south, where the most incredible bbq joints are tucked away from the main streets, we need to go off the beaten path, to Rally Sports Bar + Smokehouse, for that lip-smacking good stuff. READ MORE…
photo 1 Andrzej Lipinski’s arrival on the Niagara wine scene was unique, and then, it seems, he went from 0 to 60 in the blink of an eye, consulting for Colaneri; Organized Crime; Foreign Affair; Megalomaniac; Rosewood; Fielding; and Cornerstone, before opening his own winery, Big Head Wines.
Beginning with one corner of a vineyard at Vineland Estates in 1998, you have moved on to consult some of the best wineries in Niagara. Why are you in such demand? And how are you in so many places at once? READ MORE…

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