Where To DINE Now: Copetin

A Tale of Two Palates: Sara Waxman and Adam Waxman dine-out in Toronto’s restaurant scene and share their views.

Chef Claudio Aprile’s new restaurant incarnation, Copetin Restaurant & Bar opened this past spring. There was so much anticipation and expectation, and even without that, every restaurant needs time to oil the machine. We preferred to wait until now. Continue reading “Where To DINE Now: Copetin”

Where to DINE Now: Kay Pacha

With all the new restaurants opening we yearn for something different. St. Clair West has always been a smorgasbord of good dining options, but now on a corner once claimed by Catch, we take the bait and are immediately reeled in by the new Peruvian restaurant, Kay Pacha.

What is Peruvian cuisine? It’s one of the most delicious cuisines in the world. So why aren’t there more Peruvian restaurants in Toronto? Is it the availability of indigenous ingredients? Not necessarily. Peruvian cuisine is a historical fusion of influences from Japan, China, Africa, Spain and Italy along with traditional Andean and Amazonian cooking, combined with the imagination of the Chef. It’s the authenticity of the chef that makes the difference. Here, Chef Elias Salazar transports us to Peru. Continue reading “Where to DINE Now: Kay Pacha”

Little Italy’s French Bistro

The character of Toronto’s Little Italy has evolved to an eclectic milieu simply defined as “College Street.” The flavour-conscious flock here for a good time. Neighbourhood openings and closings are a big deal, so when Frank’s Kitchen closed, there was great anticipation about who would fill the void. Enter Chez’s Restaurant. The name is peculiar, because “chez” is a preposition, not a noun. Nonetheless, “What’s in a name?” We ask rhetorically. We are always in search of a good French bistro, and this simple and sophisticated menu in prime real estate piques our curiousity. Continue reading “Little Italy’s French Bistro”

Sichuan Hot Pots for Cold Nights

DINE and Destinations discovers Sichuan KungFu Fish in Richmond Hill gives the hot pot trend a roundhouse kick to the palate.

Sichuan KungFu Fish Hotpot
Move over Kung Fu Panda. Hello Sichuan Kungfu Fish!

We want something different. And for a different kind of dining experience, we’re willing to go out and find it. We almost give up searching for Sichuan Kung Fu Fish in the rabbit warren of strip malls in Richmond Hill, but I’m so glad we’ve persevered. Inside the restaurant, there’s the kind of conviviality that happens naturally when groups of people are enjoying good food. Here, the hot pot trend has been given a roundhouse kick to the palate. And at our table, let the fun begin! Continue reading “Sichuan Hot Pots for Cold Nights”

DINE’s Holiday Dining Pix

Check out DINE and Destination’s pix for dining over the holidays at Toronto’s best restaurants.

Survey Canada’s culinary landscape from it’s highest perch at 360 in the CN Tower with special menus for Holiday Lunch and Holiday Dinner.

Savour this Christmas Eve menu in the historic CARMEN’S Steakhouse.

Festivus for the rest of us! Enjoy a Frank Constanza holiday dinner at DRAKE HOTEL.

Share a luxurious dim sum selection from Susur Lee at LUCKEE in the Soho Metropolitan Hotel.

Celebrate your New Year’s Eve and last dining experience of the year with this multi-course menu of Italian indulgence at OVEST.

Experience a holiday omakase including imo surinagashi, prized Japanese musk melon, and the 2016 gold medal winning Okunomatsu Daiginjo Shizukusake at the renowned SHOUSHIN. Continue reading “DINE’s Holiday Dining Pix”