Where To DINE Now: Cactus Club Café

A Tale of Two Palates: Sara Waxman and Adam Waxman dine-out in Toronto’s restaurant scene and share their views.

Yes, it is a chain, but one that has seriously pushed chefs and restaurateurs to elevate their dining experience with creative menus, responsible and ethical dining concepts and service. When celebrated Chef Rob Feenie joined the Cactus Club Café in Vancouver, we took notice. Now he has exploded onto Toronto’s downtown dining out scene. From Day One it has been a going concern. Even it’s long construction generated buzz. It’s time to dine in what has become Toronto’s newest hot spot: Cactus Club Café. Continue reading “Where To DINE Now: Cactus Club Café”

DINE 10th Anniversary Party

Invitation To DINE - 2016/17 Launch Party
Invitation To DINE – 2016 Launch Party at the Toronto Four Seasons Hotel

It was a great evening! The inimitable hospitality of the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto was on full display at the DINE 2016/17 Launch Party on September 6th, 2016. Hendricks Gin cocktails and Reserve Pinot Gris and Reserve Shiraz-Cabernet, courtesy of Inniskillin Wines, flowed. Over 200 guests enjoyed a magnificent arrangement of dining selections from every food group, as well as uniquely presented passed hors d’oeuvres. DINE Editor-in-Chief, Sara Waxman toasted the 10th anniversary issue of DINE in a brilliant oration, with introduction by DINE Executive Editor, Adam Waxman, assisted by grandson, Asher Waxman. (Photography below by Aline Sandler – except where otherwise mentioned.) Continue reading “DINE 10th Anniversary Party”

Where To DINE Now: Flor de Sal

Flor.4 Within a house on a corner below a castle is a warm fireplace around which we dine by candlelight. Clay pots of fresh fish steaming in aromatic white port wine; in-house cured meats; warm crunchy bread dipped in herbaceous emerald Portuguese olive oil. Is this an Iberian castle town along the river? It could very well be. This is our romance with Toronto restaurant, Flor de Sal, and the wholesome traditions of the old-country kitchen of Cristina Da Costa’s Portugal. Embraced by contemporary Mediterranean flavours with Portuguese flare, we are enchanted. Continue reading “Where To DINE Now: Flor de Sal”

Where To DINE Now: Shoushin

shoushi Japanese cuisine in Toronto is unlike any other. It keeps renewing itself. In addition to the traditional Japanese restaurants that have been pillars of the Toronto restaurant scene for years, we have seen successive trends. Now, it’s the third wave of sushi. We’re not interested in the proliferation of “all you can eat” sushi bars that are as authentic as Velveeta cheese. We’re content to leave the izakaya craze for the pub-crawlers. What we want now is simplicity and quality. Continue reading “Where To DINE Now: Shoushin”

Supermarket Saviour: Urbery Online

Urbery-April1-601055 Shlepping a cart in a supermarket on a sunny day is not my idea of fun. Outsourcing is the answer. Urbery provides me with a surrogate, a Grocery Guru to do it for me. While we were all watching the DNC, I was multi-tasking and doing my grocery shopping, on-line at www.urbery.com Continue reading “Supermarket Saviour: Urbery Online”