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osk2 In the city that defines Japanese cuisine, Adam Waxman takes a culinary journey

Once Japan’s centre for rice trading, the “nation’s kitchen,” located at the mouth of Osaka Bay, also has an insatiable appetite. To be good here, restaurateurs have to be great. The massive availability of high quality produce has led to discriminating tastes that demand skilled chefs to wow their guests. One day spent in Osaka, commonly referred to as the food capital of the world, and I’m like an awestruck pachinko ball bouncing through a cosmic maze of gastronomy. READ MORE…
Oakville Pier_Karin Chykaliuk Veering off the highway I pass a beautiful stretch of mansions that could be Beverly Hills without the palm trees. Where in the world am I? Suddenly a quaint village full of restaurants, boutiques, salons and dog-walkers appears. I’ve only now discovered what locals have known for years: the heritage-designated downtown village of Oakville.

Along this posh strip of the Lakeshore, a short getaway from Toronto, I’m only moments from the pebble shoreline of Lake Ontario. Oakville has the most harbours per city in Canada; parking is free after 6pm, on Sundays and holidays, and there is an easy, small town feel that beckons a leisurely stroll. READ MORE…
georg2 When in Georgia, do as the Georgians: grab a cold bottle of Coke and pour in a handful of salted, roasted peanuts.

The simple peanut is actually quite complex. We add it to salads, entrées and desserts. A trip to Georgia’s peanut country made me aware of just how versatile an ingredient the peanut can be—from peanut butter pie, peanut butter hummus and peanut butter soup to chocolate peanut butter porter. READ MORE…
blu8 Put on your blue suede shoes and hitch a ride through the land that bred dry-rub barbeque, the King, and music that defined history.

When asked to pick one place where the Delta blues began, BB King pointed to Dockery Farms in Cleveland, Mississippi, where legends were born. READ MORE…
loiu1 Vaulted tombs, coloured beads, Sazeracs and trombones race through my mind as I wind through Louisiana toward the Big Easy. “We’re not as naughty as you might think,” a local once told me. “We’ve got almost as many churches as we have bars.” New Orleans is a Crayola box of sights, sounds and tastes bursting around every corner and at any moment. The highway, the river and the train tracks that fed the Delta blues and the Memphis soul began at the port of New Orleans. Here, African rhythms and European harmonies coalesced into an extraordinary cultural tapestry of instrumentation and gastronomy. READ MORE…
photo 1 Andrzej Lipinski’s arrival on the Niagara wine scene was unique, and then, it seems, he went from 0 to 60 in the blink of an eye, consulting for Colaneri; Organized Crime; Foreign Affair; Megalomaniac; Rosewood; Fielding; and Cornerstone, before opening his own winery, Big Head Wines.
Beginning with one corner of a vineyard at Vineland Estates in 1998, you have moved on to consult some of the best wineries in Niagara. Why are you in such demand? And how are you in so many places at once? READ MORE…

Sara Waxman

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